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Lead qualification and appointment making.

Through our internal Contact Centre, you can easily reach your contacts and verify immediately their willingness to be contacted or to make an appointment directly.This activity of lead qualification is very important because it helps to optimise your time and your budget.

Lead generation is a key part of digital marketing as users actively show their interest in a product or service and this interest can be measurable thanks to the collection of data through the online form that potential clients have to fill in order to receive more details. This step is very important because online users actively interact with a call to action and they decide to leave their personal details.

This process enables the creation of lists of potential interested users. However, to meet your sales objectives you need to actually contact these people back and in a short period of time because warm calls are the most effective way to create a list of qualified leads. You must note that it is highly likely that some people will change their minds, fail to respond or have even entered false details but contacting your potential clients after they have filled the form is still an essential activity of lead qualification. For this reason it becomes more effective to entrust this first phase of lead management to an outsourced contact center!

To have a list of marketing qualified leads and to get the best result without wasting precious time, our internal Contact Centre can manage all your contact lists, whether generated by our lead generation strategies or already in your possession. In this way we can assure you a list of interested and qualified leads that can more easily become new clients. In addition, this activity of lead qualification will allow you to optimise your time and your budget.

The importance of lead qualification.

The entire process of contacts qualification is called lead management and is the next step after lead generation. Lead management and lead qualification are essential to close the direct sale or make an appointment with future customers through warm calls.
Having marketing qualified leads is very important to achieve any objectives, while at the same time optimising available resources. Unqualified contact lists, on the other hand, are mostly a waste of time and, consequently, of budget.
With our two internal Contact Centres, we work on your lists to give you only qualified leads and allow you to concentrate on them, with an additional advantage compared to before.

Appointment making.

Some businesses are less interested in direct sales and aim to bring customers to their point of sale, shop or office. The Contact Centre can provide valuable support in this case, by contacting your contact list directly to schedule your appointments.
Experienced operators will work simultaneously on the contact list provided to call users back quickly, in order to maintain their interest in the product or service offered and make an appointment with the designated consultant or in the designated place.
The advantage of using resources outside the company for telemarketing activities is immediately clear: in just one day, you reach many more users and you know that behind the work of each operator there is a contact management IT system and reliable quality control on every call to prevent irregularities and to optimise your campaign.

Qualifying leads can make the difference.

Efficient lead management and qualification can increase your profit significantly. It is easy to see why: not only do you gain actual customers who buy the product or service but you also make savings by outsourcing the calling and qualification process.
Entrusting this to an outsourced Contact Centre can prove much more efficient from a time and lead qualification perspective, for many reasons. The first is that by having more people available to call back interested contacts, the list is worked through faster and users are intercepted when they are still interested.
The second is that operator training is designed to be flexible and suitable for all businesses, aimed at always achieving the best results. Lead management is an activity that should be included in every marketing campaign plan because it refines and streamlines contact lists so they do not include users who are not really interested, or false details. A qualified list is an excellent starting point to begin selling and increasing your turnover.
Only with an experienced Contact Centre boasting the best operators can you perform non-invasive lead management. The aim is not to disturb the user but to gain their interest to offer them the desired commercial product or service, or to make an appointment at a physical site or with an experienced consultant.