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When most people conduct an online search, they don't go beyond the first ten results. This is because the websites and brands occupying the top positions in a search engine are considered more reliable and trustworthy.

Therefore, the goal of a company that owns a website or an ecommerce platform should be to climb the SERP and reach among the top results.

There are several strategies to reach the top, one of which is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.

What is SEO positioning?

Being well-positioned is the key to fully leveraging an important and fundamental tool like your website. In fact, it's not just a showcase for your products or services; it can also help you be more easily found and recognized by your target audience.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, works organically to increase the trust of your website, both through on-site activities, optimizing content and code to align with search engine algorithms, and off-site through link building.

Natural positioning within a search engine's SERP occurs as a result of a series of optimization techniques applied to a site to make it particularly relevant to the search engine's evaluation parameters.

With SEO marketing, patience is required to see initial results because the growth plan takes a bit longer.

The activities of natural positioning mainly include:

  • Keyword selection
  • Optimization of both the page source code and content
  • Site signaling through a series of links placed on many other sites and portals (link building)
In the internet jungle, getting noticed is a battle against competition, and Search Engine Optimization is an excellent weapon to achieve your goal.

Optimizing a page or website from its code is important because it directly relates to the search engine algorithm. In SEO activity, it's crucial to take care of every aspect to climb positions: the popularity and reliability of a site are decided by algorithms that, moreover, recognize when they are being manipulated and penalize accordingly.

Keyword research and SEO optimization.

One of the fundamental concepts underlying SEO positioning on a search engine is keywords.

Every search engine provides results based on specific keywords typed and searched by users, also known as queries. It is therefore essential to appear under the most searched and relevant keywords related to the activity or content that your business wants to convey and promote.

To do this, you will need to perform on-page optimization of the site, inserting the main keyword and all secondary ones within the text, so that when people search for them, they will also find you.

On-page SEO optimization not only involves inserting the right keywords but also a whole range of activities: from the graphical aspect of the site, to metadata, to the URL, right down to the code.

Link building.

SEO services don't just involve keyword research and website optimization, but also an activity called Link Building. This entails creating a network of high-quality links to increase the authority of your website and consequently enhance your SEO ranking.

It's crucial that these links are placed within headers and blogs of a certain quality with a high authority score. This is because search engines heavily consider the reliability and authority level of your site, and by creating a network of a certain standard, you can gradually climb positions in the SERP.

Monitoring and reporting.

In SEO marketing, it's crucial to constantly monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to understand whether the activity is yielding results or not. Traffic to the site, keywords improving their position, and an increase in clicks to your site's pages are all indicators of SEO services executed correctly and strategically.

After an initial SEO Audit, we will decide together how often to share a report with you containing all the most important metrics, to investigate the progress of SEO optimization, where to improve, and what has improved.

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