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All companies have a set of primary and secondary activities, equally important but not part of the core business. These secondary activities vary, from managing advertising campaigns to processing contacts and handling the call center. For many companies, handling all these activities internally and independently is unthinkable. To ensure a truly effective and efficient workflow, it is crucial for the company to engage in BPO outsourcing, delegating certain tasks to expert third-party companies.

This approach allows a company to focus its resources on the core of its business, concentrating on what it is best trained and experienced in. BPO services can bring various advantages to the company, optimizing costs and enhancing the performance of secondary activities.

What is BPO?

In the context of BPO in the UK, business outsourcing process refers to the services delegated by a company to a third-party agency. These services, as mentioned earlier, are not part of the primary activities related to the company's core business. They are secondary and collateral activities necessary for promoting a product, service, or brand, working on collected leads, managing customer care, or operating a call center. In essence, these activities contribute to the company's profitability and brand awareness but are not part of its daily main operations.

BPO outsourcing is a partnership between two companies, where the delegating company recognizes the delegated company's ability to achieve high-level goals more efficiently and quickly, thereby improving its competitiveness in the market. Outsourcing these activities to a BPO company can bring several advantages to the company, allowing it to fully focus on activities aligned with its core business. BPO services aim to enhance a company's overall business, making it efficient in both primary and secondary activities.

Choosing the right BPO company for outsourcing is crucial, it is important to ensure that the chosen company is experienced and competent in the required areas.

What Can We Do for Your Company?

At Across, we can effectively engage in BPO for some of your company's activities. We specialize in various areas of digital marketing, lead qualification, and contact management through our in-house contact center. With over 10 years of experience in marketing campaigns and an internal contact center, we can handle the processing of your leads or manage customer care through outsourcing for you.

For a company whose core business is distant from the digital realm, dealing with the entire process involving lead collection, qualification, management, and conversion can be challenging and costly. BPO outsourcing it to a company with internal teams and experts in the field can be the best strategic and economical move for your company. Whether the goal is sales, marketing, or customer care, the external support of an experienced agency can be crucial for achieving it.

Specifically, Across specializes in the following services:

  • Digital marketing and advertising, multichannel and multidevice;
  • Lead generation and contact qualification;
  • Customer care through an in-house call center;
  • Teleselling through an in-house call center;
  • End-to-end management of marketing and sales, intercepting the interested user and transforming them into a customer.

Why Choose Business Process Outsourcing Services?

The advantages of BPO business outsourcing process are evident, with one of the most apparent being the tangible gain a company can derive from outsourcing some of its secondary activities. This approach leverages the high specialization of the outsourcer and allows the company to deploy all internal resources to its core business. In addition to quantitative gains, there are qualitative advantages as well: entrusting marketing or teleselling services to an external and expert agency ensures greater efficiency. The choice of a trusted partner with real and proven experience is fundamental for reaping the benefits of BPO, including increased efficiency and addressing the lack of specific internal skills. If a company relies on an experienced external agency, it can effectively and competently handle all activities.