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We are Digital Solution Company

If there were limits to online advertising... we have just overcome them.

About Us.

Our story.

  1. The journey begins.

    We started out as an SEO agency, excited to embark on a project with all kinds of potential and keen to establish ourselves in our city, Turin.

  2. Lead generation and performance.

    We began working on what would be the heart of our performance marketing activity. We expanded our affiliate network to more than 200 editors, strengthening the email and display channels. Then came our Google Partner certification and native advertising: we became, to all effects and purposes, a Lead Generation Company.

  3. Across International.

    We decided to broaden our horizons. We opened up to the international market in over 18 countries, with proprietary databases and new sources of traffic.

  4. Il The team expands.

    We started to grow, to more than 70 people! We defined a precise corporate structure, based on teamwork and sharing ideas, and this brought us important recognition from the Financial Times, Deloitte and others. We also began to explore the vast world of Artificial Intelligence with Aimage.

  5. goes online.

    A year of big changes: we moved our head office in Turin, we opened a new office in Hamburg and saw the launch of, the free utilities comparison site that brings consumers and providers together. Our aim was to outline a new business model that established a new synergy between marketing channels, Artificial Intelligence and sales support through Contact Centres.

  6. The latest...

    The establishment of two internal Contact Centres proved fundamental to enhance the activities of, so much so that we decided to extend this activity to our multichannel strategies. With this significant support, we could finally manage marketing, sales or mixed campaigns. We love challenges!

We experiment with new ways to get concrete results.

We revolutionise our company structure to offer a better final service.

We work on creativity and constantly optimising each campaign to get the most out of it and elevate performances to the highest level.

The distinctiveness of each campaign is often seen as something that should be kept within well-defined limits so as not to waste time. For us, it is the exact opposite: thanks to our know-how, we make it faster for you to achieve your objectives, whatever they may be.

Digital, but above all human.

Across Team

We are people who are not afraid to take on challenges, make our skills count, and live, study and work in close-knit, vibrant teams.
Our strength lies in teamwork and always thinking outside the box. Digital marketing professionals, innovators with an informal approach: everyone at Across has their place and makes a difference. We believe in individual initiative and the power of a team.