Sales Marketing: how to increase your sales –

Transform your interested leads into clients with sales marketing!


Do you already have a list of leads that are interested in your business, but don’t know how to convert them? Then our sales solutions are exactly what you’re looking for! Thanks to our two internal contact centres which are highly qualified in sales marketing, we can provide solid support to your business. Increase sales, qualify leads, schedule appointments, or manage customer care: whatever your objective is, it will be easier to achieve it with the help of qualified and knowledgeable operators.

Transform your prospects into clients.

All we need is a list of leads. If you already have a proprietary database, we’ll take care of engaging your leads and converting them into clients. Otherwise we can generate leads that are interested in your business through our marketing mix and through the planning of a targeted advertising campaign, in order to find new interested prospects and then engage them.

Having a list of interested leads is a good foundation, but you have to know when to call them and how to manage them. Our contact centre is made up of highly qualified operators who, with training in your specific area of business, will contact your prospects, observing privacy regulations and helping you to achieve your objective.

Calling a lead back when it’s still hot is important if you want to increase b2b sales and b2c sales, but doing so internally requires a lot of time and can become expensive. Outsourcing to a contact centre specialised in sales marketing allows you to optimise your time and budget.

With our sales solutions you can decide to entrust tele-selling activities to us in order to maximise your sales.

Optimise the work of your operators: Receive pre-qualified leads.

After an online marketing campaign, companies may find themselves with a large number of unqualified leads to contact. Having a list of unqualified leads means spending a lot of time calling prospects that may truly not be interested or that may even have left a fake telephone number or e-mail address. If you don’t have the support of an extensive and knowledgeable contact centre, the lead qualification stage can waste a lot of time and money.

Our lead qualification service offers various benefits. First of all, our contact centres are made up of trained operators who are experts in sales marketing and have the option of specialising in your business. This means that we can engage your list of leads much more quickly, calling prospects back while they’re still interested.

Starting with a list of pre-qualified leads allows your operators to focus on prospects that are already interested, thus optimising both time and budget and maximising results.

Creating brand loyalty by taking care of your clients.

After an online marketing campaign, it’s important that companies know how to convert leads and increase sales, but sometimes that’s not enough. These days being able to manage all of the calls and requests for information that arrive directly from prospects has become fundamental. Customer care management is now as important as performance-based advertising, especially when it comes to a company’s brand reputation.

While it may not have anything to do with an actual sale, having operators that take care of your clients, listen to them, and help assuage their doubts and concerns can stimulate brand loyalty, encouraging them to make new purchases and to speak well of your company. Our customer care service can provide solid support thanks to our contact centre and artificial intelligence.

Customise your solutions selling.

Whatever your needs, we can work together to come up with customised solutions selling that can adapt to you and your business. The contact centre’s activities are flexible and customisable!

Thanks to the contact centre, we’re able to develop solutions that focus on sales marketing in order to support your commercial strength and increase your earning power. You can choose to hybridise customer service and tele-selling, or to add the assistance of artificial intelligence combined with human operators to optimise traffic, b2b sales, b2c sales on your website. Whether you have an online store, a business that you want to put online, a performance marketing activity, or a specific project, we can develop the solution that’s right for you.

If you’d like to add the planning of advertising campaigns to your sales marketing solutions, then browse our Solution Mix!
The possibilities are endless! Contact us to let us know what you need and to discover the best solutions for your business.

Our contact centres.

Our two internal contact centres are made up of more than 90 operators who are already trained in utilities and insurance businesses. Furthermore, thanks to the possibility of training operators in specific business sectors and preparing call scripts geared towards sales, we can successfully work with lead lists for any type of product or service.

Relying on the work of 90 telephone operators and a structure supported by artificial intelligence, we can guarantee timely calling of leads in order to engage them while they’re still hot and interested.

Thanks to the combination of our marketing and sales services, we’re able to develop a customer journey specific to your database in order to reactivate your leads, creating a virtuous cycle aimed at selling.

Our sales and marketing experience is at your service to help you achieve your objectives, even when you think there’s no way to do so effectively.

The Benefits of the Sales Solutions.

  • Optimisation of timeframes and costs
  • Qualified leads
  • Loyal clients
  • Direct sales
  • Customised Solutions