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Remarketing: the adv is following you.

Remarketing? Do you mean that thing that follows you and you can’t get rid of?

Absolutely not!

We’re going to find out what this powerful web marketing tool is.

Conscious remarketing strategies help us reaching those users who have visited our website or have already shown interest in our campaign but have not done the action desired.

Remarketing is employed to redirect website visitors to purchase or other forms of conversion (ask for information and similar).

Users who surf web leave marks: IP address, email or other sensitive data.
Remarketing or retargeting options allow us to collect that information in order to create personalized ads headed to a specific audience.

Let’s see how.

We can monitor users’ interaction by setting up a code.
That code generates a piece of information – a cookie – which identifies the user as a visitor who is familiar with the website. It must be underlined that all sensitive data are protected and the whole process is anonymous.

This kind of adv may seem annoying, but it is a useful method to remind users of products they are interested in. Advertising will always meet the taste of users. 

This kind of PPC advertising, widespread on Google AdWords and Facebook ads, is among the most efficient and performing adv available for publishers. In fact, properly set remarketing offers high conversion rates and guarantees the ROI.

How remarketing presents itself?

Most common remarketing campaigns are “display” (banner) ones. If they are made up with catching graphics and functional texts those campaigns may increase offer’s appeal and improve performances. 

Think about e-commerce owners: the purchase rate at the first visit is limited, hence remarketing activity is very important to remind the potential client of the visited website.

Remarketing strength is its power to profile and target specific offers. It is both a conversions optimizer tool and a useful strategy in terms of branding. In fact, the user is  constantly exposed to the brand’s offers, gets to know the logo, products and services.

Clearly, the adv must be created and spread in proper ways and times in order to reach highest performance. 

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