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Lead Generation and Native Advertising: how to increase the quality of contacts

Finding new clients is one of the main needs of a business. In the hyper-connected Internet World, lead generation fulfils that need. 

Lead generation aims to acquire new profiled users who may have shown interest in business’ products or services. Getting a steady flow of qualified leads that can be converted into satisfactory sales is extremely important for companies willing to expand their customer base.

Lead Generation aims the development of a targeted strategy and careful planning, designed on the best performing channels for each kind of business.

How to build a performing Lead Generation

The starting point is to get in-target leads.

Every time we are asked to give our name, surname, email address, phone number on a website or a landing page, we are dealing with a lead generation campaign. 

Getting the highest number of interested contacts is very important for the effectiveness of the campaign in terms of ROI. The message communicated by the adv must be target-oriented, clear and not contradictory. The adv has to get the promoted service closer to our audience

The aim is to guarantee the final client top-quality leads that may become real clients. We’re going to discover how to do it with Native advertising.

Native Adv for a better quality

Native adv is a form of advertising based on storytelling and content marketing. Those campaigns are conveyed on information portals or online magazines. The goal is to promote products and services without interrupting the user experience by integrating the adv into the editorial context.

Native advertising carries some strengths:

better traffic quality. In fact, through an article, the business tells its story and points out the benefits of its products and services;

it creates engagement, expectation and needs;

it catches users attention. The user intentionally clicks on content in which he/she is interested in. Our target is to maintain interest by creating catchy contents and ad hoc graphics that drive the user to fill the form. 

At Across we’ve reached high performances with native adv thanks to our CPL solutions (cost per lead). Moreover, we have increased quality of generated contacts for our clients. 

Partnerships with many online editors allow us to ensure high performance campaigns in terms of conversion, traffic and brand visibility.

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