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Marketing Solutions.

Your brand, your success.

Effectively intercept interested users with the aid of optimised online advertising campaigns so you really do have an online presence everywhere. We optimise each campaign to give you the best results, using our in-depth knowledge of online digital marketing dynamics and our team’s vast experience.

Marketing Solution Grafico

The possibility of using all digital channels to the full opens up millions of different opportunities and combinations.

With a vast, monitored network of over 200 affiliates, we can enhance any type of online campaign, guaranteeing high volumes and quality leads.
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Quality and performance combine: content marketing is more effective than ever when it forms the basis for targeted campaigns on the biggest information portals and online magazines.
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We make brands relevant and manage their performance on the main social media channels. We ensure that direct dialogue and contact with your users is consistent with your brand image and makes a strong impact.
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Always first, even on search engines, thanks to precise positioning strategies.
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An effective system compliant with GDPR regulations to collect interest from a large audience of users and in collaboration with other brands.
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One of the most widely used and high-performance channels thanks to our proprietary database of over 6 million B2C contacts: with an opening rate of over 90%, SMS marketing is the right choice for direct dialogue with your target audience.
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Sales Solutions.

Performance first.

We offer concrete support to boost your performance. With two large and highly trained internal contact centres, we qualify your existing contacts so that you only approach those who are really interested. Alternatively, we can make appointments or build a customer care service based on your needs, or provide unique, customised support.

Support your sales force in a unique and flexible way. Contact Center.

The lists of contacts to call back are yours. Through our Contact Centre, you can easily reach your contacts and verify their willingness to be contacted or to make an appointment directly.
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Support your business with a specialist and customer-orientated service. It can be integrated with a chatbot that filters user requests and only passes the most unusual and urgent requests to the Contact Centre.
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Integrate your sales with the help of consultants who are highly experienced and trained in your sector. We offer your products or services, to increase the possibility of conversion and achieve your financial objectives.
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If you have particular requirements, we get together and decide on the best integrated solution for you and your business. The Contact Centre’s activity is flexible and customisable!
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Grafico Sales Solution

Solutions Mix.

Why choose when you can have it all?

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