Social media advertising for direct communication –

Social Media Advertising.

Social Media Advertising is the new frontier in digital marketing, where communication is highly personalised and customers can have a more direct dialogue with their favourite brands.
It is the perfect place to lay the foundations of brand loyalty, with customer care that meets people’s needs and clear, meaningful and informal communication.
The communication that comes from Social Media Marketing is loyal, optimal and integrated on all online networks.
We make brands relevant and manage their online performance on the main social media channels, in particular on the ones that better suit your business and your target. We ensure that direct dialogue and contact with your users is consistent with your brand image and makes a strong impact.
Including Social Media Advertising in your strategy – even better if it is integrated with other channels – can be an excellent way to create a direct dialogue with the user and increase both performance and positive brand perception.

Creativity and conversion.

Again, content marketing is fundamental to build an effective and meaningful Social Media Advertising campaign. You can turn your own social media page into a reference point for your target audience, with editorial plans, original content and sponsorships.

Generally, a well-structured editorial calendar for advertising on social media creates strong engagement and allows the brand to have a new, informal space to talk about its mission and company values. These are all essential to build a loyal relationship with the user.

Direct contact with the user.

Each social network has developed an environment where users expect a certain type of language and funnel.
The hard part about launching Social Media Advertising campaigns on social media is the need to respect the user in their private sphere. Social networks are one of a person’s main places for socialising and activity so the advertising must adapt to that and be specific and personalised.

Having direct contact with the user gives the brand much more exposure than any other campaign. Through social networks, users interact and express their opinion, letting the brand know if they are interested or not. This is obviously an advantage and disadvantage at the same time: direct interaction allows for better quality as the target’s interests are intercepted, but consequently, one false move could threaten the success of the Social Media Advertising campaign.

Using remarketing on social media.

Social Media Advertising not only works with editorial plans and organic content. Sponsorships play a very important role in a campaign’s visibility and conversion objectives. All social networks now have a business support structure, to plan dedicated and effective Social Media Marketing campaigns.
Therefore, you can also install social media pixels on landing pages and websites. With cookies, you will be able to retrieve traffic and leads, re-offering your brand to the user on social media during their daily browsing.

This is the main reason why Advertising on Social Media works, especially as part of
an integrated and multi-channel strategy.

The most popular social networks.

As we mentioned, each social network has its own structure, its specific language and its target audience which should be respected if you do not want to look out of place and achieve the opposite result to your advertising strategy. The most popular and widely used networks for Social Media Advertising are:

Facebook is the quintessential social network and it is an excellent showcase for brands, products and services. It currently offers the most structure for advertising thanks to a very high level of user targeting. However, it is also the most complicated to manage because of the presence of many competitors, which influences the cost of Social Media advertising and the typical “background noise”.

The perfect channel for branding but it is also very effective for e-commerce support. Based mainly on videos and images, it recently implemented exactly the same advertising dynamics as Facebook, allowing users to buy directly from social networks. It is a real revolution, especially in specific sectors that are ideal for this kind of visual communication.

This social network was designed purely for business communication, which is why it is very good for more relational B2B advertising. LinkedIn is mainly recommended for building the trustworthiness of your company and to have contact with stakeholders and other companies of interest.

TikTok is still a very young social platform but it is growing very fast. This social channel is very efficient to build a more direct and ironic communication created through organic or sponsored videos. TikTok has its own proprietary platform for its Social Media Advertising Campaigns that works independently from Facebook. This channel is very useful to improve brand awareness and to show your brand from a different perspective. For this reason, TikTok will allow you to get closer to the users other than developing ad campaigns.