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SMS Marketing.

Reach your target audience and get an immediate response with personalised SMS Marketing personalised messages!
SMS marketing is undoubtedly one of the most widely used digital marketing tools of all time. There is one main reason: these days, of all the channels, the one with the highest open rate is SMS Marketing, which has a rate of almost 100%.

This happens because nowadays smartphones are the easiest way to communicate and to receive information and most people use it on a day to day basis.

Along with the possibility of SMS geolocation down to postcode, this makes SMS Marketing an extremely powerful tool for sending SMS advertising with different objectives. That is why they are ideal for lead generation and brand awareness at the same time. They can even be used to draw people into a physical store, so breaking down the barriers between online marketing and traditional marketing.

Strategies in 160 characters

Our Italy B2C database contains over 6 million contacts and over 20 million affiliates, which ensures excellent coverage for an SMS Marketing digital marketing campaign.

How can an SMS containing just 160 characters condense an entire advertising message? Well, it is the power of this type of communication that makes the message so effective and well-received. Each Marketing with SMS campaign is based on the fact that the user will definitely read what it says and, if interested, will be able to show their intention to contact the seller immediately.
Plus, the possibility of geolocation down to the postcode reveals the high level of segmentation of the initial database, which can be done by gender, geolocation, audience, age or interests.
There are three different types of SMS, all different and with clear objectives. What they all have in common, though, is the high level of engagement of the target audience and a very clear, concise and impactful CTA.

Type of SMS

“Reply YES”

This is the most widely used type of SMS in online marketing campaigns. The promotion is communicated in the message, inviting the user to send a reply if they would like information, would like to be contacted or would like to make an appointment.
The simplicity of the funnel and the absence of an explicit request for data entry make the message popular with the user, who is less hesitant to be contacted again.

“Click on the link”

This type of marketing with SMS includes a short link that allows the user to land on a landing page that is either pre-existing or created ad hoc. Often used to download vouchers or direct traffic to a website or page.
For e-commerce or online stores, it is an excellent advertising channel because it allows you to increase traffic volumes significantly and send discount codes that can be used in the customer’s basket.


With this type of SMS, on the other hand, users are invited to visit specific physical stores and are informed about events, new openings and promotions happening at the specific store. Compared to all the other digital channels, this in particular is similar to sending promotional material like leaflets and brochures, except that it is much more effective. You can also show the SMS in-store to check the actual impact it had on the database.
With an SMS, not only can you send simple messages but also links with discount vouchers, codes, downloadable vouchers and barcodes. All elements that can be traced online and in the physical store.
This particular type of SMS is recommended to attract new customers to physical stores so they get to know the brand and can be turned into loyal customers.

Why choose SMS Marketing for your campaigns?

Especially with integrated strategies, among the different types of digital channels, SMS Marketing lends itself to multi-level personalisation.

As well as being very large, the database contains active numbers and up-to-date records. Unlike other channels, it is much harder to change a telephone number compared to an email, for example. This is an advantage when you need to change the segmentation of the database for a campaign.

With SMS advertising, you do not just work on the usual personal details like name, gender or age. You also work with a precise geolocation, down to postcode, and you can also work on interests: you can direct a campaign about a specific product or service to a target audience that is really interested in it, with the characteristics the customer is looking for.

Of course, all the records are updated in real time and checks are carried out using reports on sending, CTR, tracking links and discount codes.

This way, not only can you carry out lead generation but you can also highlight the brand, gaining customer loyalty and reaching new users in your target audience. Increasing your sales and gaining the loyalty of your audience in 160 characters is possible!