SEO and SEM: get always found by users –

SEO and SEM.

During an online search, hardly anyone goes beyond the first page of the search engine results. This happens because the brands in the top positions are generally considered more trustworthy than the ones that don’t.

But which digital channels can be used to get the top search engine positions? There are two methods that can work in parallel, with SEO and SEM activities.

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, acts on an organic level to increase trust in the website with on-site activities, optimising the code so that it follows the search engine’s algorithms, and offsite activities like link building. Search engine marketing,SEM, on the other hand, uses the Google Ads network to structure search engine advertising based on keywords, in order to intercept customers where they are most interested: during an online search.

Even if they have many elements in common, SEO and SEM are very different. While with SEO (Search engine optimisation) the growth plan takes a bit longer because it requires continuous optimisation and solid foundations, with SEM (Search engine marketing) your online ads can be seen immediately by the user that is looking for your products or services.

In any case, the result of SEO and SEM activities are the same: you come first, every time.

Choosing the right keyword.

The fundamental concept on which to base SEO and SEM campaigns is the keyword. Each search engine offers results based on specific keywords entered and searched by the user, these words are also known as queries. Therefore, it is important that your website appears under the most searched keywords that relate most to your business or the content that your business wants to promote.

SEM and SEO are two different positioning systems on a search engine:

  • SEO - Search engine optimisation it is based on Natural positioning
  • SEM -Search engine marketing totally works with Sponsored positioning
The first thing to do, whether for natural positioning (SEO) or sponsored positioning (SEM), is to carefully search and select your keywords in order to get on the first page of a search engine results.

Natural positioning: SEO.

Being in a good position is key to leveraging the full potential of an important tool like a website.First of all, you need to know that your website is not only a display where you can show your products or services but it is also a way to reach your target audience.
Natural positioning (SEO – Search Engine Optimisation) on a SERP (Search engine results page) comes through a series of optimisation techniques to make the website very similar to the evaluation parameters of the engine itself.
Between SEM and SEO, the latter one needs more effort to reach effective results; organic optimization has very high potential, but takes a longer time to work.

SEO activities mainly include:

  • Selecting the most relevant and searched keywords related to your business
  • Optimising both the page’s source code and the page’s content
  • Drawing attention to the site through a series of links positioned on many other sites and portals (link popularity).
The natural results of search engines optimisation always appear in the main central part of the search engine. In the dog-eat-dog world of the Internet, getting oneself noticed is a battle against the competition.
It is important to optimise a page or website starting from the code because it relates directly to the search engine’s algorithm. With SEO and SEM, it is important to take care of all aspects to improve your position: a website’s popularity and trustworthiness is decided by algorithms that recognise when they are forced and penalise them.

Sponsored positioning: SEM.

Sponsored positioning on a search engine (SEM – Search Engine Marketing) involves purchasing a related keyword package to make a given ad appear that will take the user to the sponsored site.

SEM campaigns are one of the most widely used digital marketing channels because during an online search, the user’s attention is at its peak. This is why, with the right keyword, the user is intercepted so they can be effectively offered the product or service they were looking for. The higher up an online ad appears, the safer it is considered so it will be clicked on by the user. This is the reason why SEM campaigns are so effective.

The main activities of SEM campaigns are:

  • Selecting keywords
  • Composing the online ads
  • Studying the pages where the user will land after clicking
The sponsored results on Google appear at the top and bottom in relation to the content. On other search engines, like Bing for example, they appear on the right-hand side of the search page, too.
It is very important for this to be optimised to ensure the success of a search engine advertising and its performance should be constantly monitored. Changing a keyword or title is often enough to obtain significantly better results.