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Lead generation.

Generating leads and performance marketing are the core of everything we do. This is where we started and we’ve grown a lot, expanding and broadening our horizons. But we still believe that the lead generation of new, interested prospects must be the foundation of any business that wants its revenue to grow.

Over the years we’ve perfected our techniques and today offer a complete, effective, and multi-channel business to business and business to consumer lead generation service. Furthermore, we support multi-channel and multi-device strategies with our sales services that can be completely customised to your business.

Always find new, Always find new, interested leads..

“Why is generating leads important?”. This is the question that many companies ask themselves. The answer is simple: because it’s one of the best strategies for intercepting new, interested leads.

b2b and b2c lead generation campaigns can be conducted through various online channels. Our combination of marketing strategies makes use of multiple channels, especially e-mail marketing, native and social ads, and SEM. The primary objective is to convince prospects to enter their data and contact information in a form (after accepting the privacy policy), using creative tactics that attract prospects’ attention and intercepting their needs and demands.

Therefore, the first two steps in b2b and b2c lead generation are:

  • Attract prospects: it’s very important to intercept them on the right channels, drawing their attention and leading them to a landing page where the form is located.
  • Convert prospects: or rather convince them to choose the sponsored product or service and to insert their data in the request form. To do so, it’s necessary to create clear and appealing forms and calls to action.

How to generate qualified and targeted leads.

How do we create our lead generation campaigns? We analyse your business, your target, your needs, your objectives, and the tone of your voice. Then we analyse the market and your company’s positioning. At this point we create a multi-channel strategy, bringing together those that are best able to express your message and reach the right prospects.

To create an effective b2c or b2b lead generation campaign, it’s important to develop high-performance creative tactics. To do so it’s necessary, first of all, to create buyer personas, or rather “standard client” profiles that could be interested in your niche market. In this way we learn how to structure the campaign’s creative tactics in order to attract the attention of your ideal prospects and convince them to provide their information.

To most effectively manage our lead generation campaigns, we always employ multi-channel strategies. This allows us to maximise and optimise the generation of leads because, by simultaneously using multiple channels for an advertising campaign, we’re able to exploit the characteristics of each individual channel. This multi-channel approach makes it possible for us to create a more thorough and engaging user experience. Thus we’re able to more effectively intercept prospects and increase the probability of capturing their attention.

We customise every strategy.

We create multi-channel lead generation strategies that are designed and customised for your business. The needs and objectives or your brand are always the top priority. That’s the basis for everything. The experience that we’ve acquired in this field allows us to create effective b2b lead generation and business to consumer lead generation campaigns and strategies, fostering creativity and selecting the right channels.

Whatever your objective may be, we have a customised solution that’s right for your business. Tell us about your needs, what you hope to gain, and what you want to achieve. We’ll sit around the table together and come up with the most high-performance strategy for your business.

End-to-end strategy.

But our job doesn’t end there. Having a list of leads to call back, that are the result of a lead generation campaign, is very useful for obtaining new clients, but you have to know how to convert them.

When a prospect enters information in the form, we already know that he’s interested in the sponsored product or service. But to get him to actually purchase the product or schedule an appointment, a business must rely on qualified and knowledgeable operators.

Two fundamental steps that follow lead generation are engaging the lead and creating brand loyalty. To accomplish the first, it’s necessary to implement a specific commercial strategy that leads prospects to complete the desired action. Our contact centre offers not only a lead qualification service, delivering leads in target markets that are ready to purchase your products and services, but also a tele-selling service, or rather a direct sales service through our operators.

The other fundamental aspect is creating brand loyalty. It’s not enough to have converted a prospect into a client. You also have to know how to maintain them as such over time. There are various ways to do this: offer customer care and implement a strategy for reactivating your database.
We study ad hoc direct marketing strategies for the development of specific and targeted customer experiences in order to take advantage of your database and reactivate it with the objective of selling.

Request a free consultation to learn more about the purpose of lead generation and how it can be used to achieve your business objectives!