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Email Marketing and affiliation.

This is where we started: Email Marketing, one of the channels most widely used and visited by users
Email Marketing involves sending sales messages to potential customers, based on their profiles and interests, in order to promote a product or service. Messages sent through DEM are forwarded to users that have given their consent to receive certain emails.
Over the years, we have built an extensive, consolidated network of over 200 affiliates, enabling us to enhance any type of online campaign, guaranteeing high volumes and quality leads.

Cos’è l’What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing was the first email advertising method digital marketing pioneers experimented with. Over the years, this channel has appeared in various forms, from a more user-orientated format to the mass mailing of advertising emails.

Email marketing not only covers sending advertising communications but also everything related to newsletters and affiliations.

This channel is one of the most widely used but as it was one of the first, it also has limitations that only an integrated strategy can overcome. The main one is full inboxes: every day we receive hundreds of emails that are often of no interest or do not match our preferences.
When designing an Email Marketing campaign, it is important to consider this first problem carefully. In the sea of communication and information, we need to carefully analyse how we want to speak to the user and in what way, in particular studying the target audience carefully by segmenting the database.


Anyone who has a website of some kind can monetise traffic and their database of contacts. The affiliate network allows you to extend your communication to platforms where you would not usually be present. This then enables you to organise targeted and profiled mailing, knowing the verticals of the affiliated web spaces.
Anyone can enter an affiliation marketing network and monetise, as long as you always comply with European privacy regulations, i.e. the GDPR.
As such, it is very important to tell your users how you will use their browsing data or the data that they release voluntarily through disclaimers and consent banners.


First and foremost, a brand must be able to tell its story. The mission should be clear and meet the customer half way. Using promotions, loyalty programmes and events, through a newsletter, you can build direct communication with the user based on corporate storytelling.
A newsletter is often used for lead generation, not just for brand-customer communications. Newsletters allow the brand to offer freebies that help to test the user’s initial interest. Very often this is the release of a themed e-book with tips and instructions, or vouchers for use on the website or in participating shops.


Reach millions of users through our highly profiled proprietary databases dedicated to Direct Email Marketing. Each DEM is associated with a landing page and sends the email in a concise and defined way, sparking the reader’s interest instantly.
The main bias to overcome is lack of interest: the user is often not interested in marketing emails and sees them as background noise. There can be many reasons for this: incorrect targeting, a bland design or unappealing content.
These are all “mistakes” that alienate the user and affect the email opening rate and how many users unsubscribe. Plus, there are also mail servers that block “unwanted” DEM emails, preventing them from being viewed or moving them to specific folders that are not viewed often.
However, by structuring an advertising campaign in a precise and appropriate way, you can increase not only the opening rate but also the number of clicks and the resulting conversions. The main objective of performance marketing is obviously to achieve the desired end result and Email Marketing is still one of the most widely used and effective digital channels.