Direct sales strategies to grow your audience –
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Direct Sales (telemarketing).

Integrate your sales with the help of consultants who are highly experienced and trained in your sector. We offer your products or services, to increase the possibility of conversion and achieve your financial objectives.

A sales classic.

Business telesales is a practice used by many companies that base their business on contacting people by phone to sell their products or services, particularly those related to energy and telephony.
We start with a list of contacts and call people who have shown interest and left their contact details on online advertising campaigns, or we use databases already in the company’s possession to close the sale over the phone in accordance with current regulations.

The benefit of theinternal Contact Centre.

Entrusting your telesales to a qualified Contact Centre gives you concrete support for your internal sales force. Thanks to our experienced, professional operators, we can manage very large flows of contacts.
Each process is subject to stringent internal controls to guarantee the quality and accuracy of any transactions initiated. Precise reporting and listening to calls enables an in-depth analysis of the campaign’s progress and consequent optimisation of the strategy adopted.
Plus, it is an activity that is suitable for both B2C, directly to consumers, and B2B, to companies.

Why start telemarketing?

Telesales is definitely still one of the most common ways to close sales, especially when they relate to services and online promotions.
This is because it is much harder to sell a product that the user cannot see over the phone, whereas it is much easier with a service because the user can decide whether to sign up by making an online comparison.
The main advantage of telesales is that you can contact a large number of users on the same day, thereby expanding the potential for conversions and sales.
Through internal call centre activities, direct sales gain momentum in an extremely vast market, with immediate results. This outsourcing activity helps you to increase your profit without physically being in the office, and to reach extensive user pools that you would not otherwise be able to access.

Flexibility and professionalism.

The direct sale of services is not easy at all. You need to overcome a lot of resistance and there may be periods when it is hard to sell the product due to a natural or seasonal drop in sales.
Our Contact Centre’s business telesales solution is highly flexible and based on your needs. The workflow is organised based on the contact lists and number of requests, something a single internal resource could not do.
Also, having access to databases and large numbers of potential customers allows you to expand your sales beyond your usual customer circle and seek new customers at a pace that could not be sustained by just one person.
Each operator is a consultant, trained specifically to guide the user through the purchase and resolve any doubts they might have that could turn into resistance. They will always respect the privacy of the person on the other end of the phone and comply with the European regulations in force.