Customer care: take care of your clients –

Customer care (inbound).

Support your business with a client-oriented and effective customer care service. Inbound customer service can be integrated also with artificial intelligence thanks to a chatbot that is able to filter every user request and only passes the most unusual and urgent requests to the Contact Centre. Taking care of your clients through customer care inbound is an effective way to ensure their satisfaction and to increase brand loyalty.

A new customer service.

An essential part of looking after your brand image is to create a trustable contact with your customers. Thanks to the digital world, companies are getting closer and closer to their consumers, so much so that they almost have a direct relationship with them, known as one-to-one, both in terms of communicating their company values and advertising.

However, the customer service relationship with users has also evolved and is being requested more and more often, so it needs to be specific, and client-oriented and it must be based on the individual’s needs.

This service is called inbound customer care and not everyone can keep up: there are many examples of brands that have excellent communication with the outside world but cannot manage the communication that comes directly from consumers.

The result of bad customer care management is often disappointing: the user loses faith and despite the brand’s efforts, it can never achieve the desired sales results because of the negative perception that was generated.

All this can be avoided with inbound customer service and with the support of the Contact Centre and Artificial Intelligence. If you choose our customer care service you will count on highly trained operators to manage the flow of customers professionally. The operators of our call centre are always prepared to answer all the questions from the clients and resolve any doubts. It is also possible to integrate customer care inbound with Artificial Intelligence using chatbots to answer the most frequently asked questions and support the human operator with their work.

Direct contact with the user.

Thanks to our two internal call centres, trained specifically to be flexible and highly skilled, we are always ready to offer a unique and complete service both for outbound and particularly inbound marketing.

Information is drafted and responses are given in line with the brand’s tone of voice, offering discretion and support for all customers who turn to the service for help.

Placing importance on customer care is fundamental to a company’s reputation these days. Giving the impression that you are always available to listen to users’ problems and collect their feedback is important for both loyal customers and for crisis management in the event of problems or mistakes.

To do this effectively, however, requires the investment of many and different resources. When you outsource your inbound customer care to us, we put our internal call centres at your disposal and offer you our digital know-how to give you concrete support to develop this important method of communication.

You will soon see results: although it is not a direct sale, managing customer dialogue is an effective way to secure brand loyalty, expanding your opportunities and sparking the interest of new, potential customers.

Happy users, successful brand.

There are many advantages to using our Contact Centres’ inbound customer service.
The first is the satisfaction of the customer, who receives a response to their questions and requests. When we talk about inbound customer care, we refer to all the calls that we receive from users who need support, express doubt or ask for information. Giving importance to this service will allow you to build strong brand loyalty based on satisfied and happy clients. The second advantage of inbound customer service has a direct influence on the construction of online advertising campaigns. Knowing that they are supported by an efficient customer care service allows users to trust online advertising and feel safe when making purchases or requesting information.

Having an inbound customer service available and ready to respond to users who need support is a cost that not all companies can afford. That is why with our Contact Centre, you can offer a quality service without having to use an internal resource dedicated only to this task. This will allow you to optimise your time and your budget and to always reach your sales objectives and build brand awareness. In addition, you can decide to integrate your inbound customer service with artificial intelligence thanks to a chatbot that will make your incoming calls even more workable. The chatbot, in fact, will make an initial selection and switch to the operator only on certain calls. This enables you to organise your internal structure better and use the customer care service only when necessary or when a user tries to get in touch with questions or to solve problems.