Contact center with experience in direct sales –

Contact Center.

Thanks to our decade-long experience, we have been able to witness the effectiveness of having an internal Contact Center for lead processing.
Our internal contact center allows you to outsource the management of potential clients. Over the years, we have noticed one thing: by calling an interested user within ten minutes of them providing their contact information, there is a 500% higher probability that they will become a customer.

With our Contact Center, we provide concrete support to your sales force. You will develop your business and revenue through our professional and qualified service, that you will be able to manage remotely.

Services Offered by Our Contact Center

Lead Qualification and Appointment Setting >

The lists of contacts to be called are generated by our Marketing mix or can be provided by you. Through the outsourced Contact Center, you can easily reach your contacts and verify their availability to be contacted again or to schedule an appointment.

Inbound Customer Care >

Support your business with a competent and customer-oriented service. It can be integrated with a chatbot capable of filtering user requests and forwarding to Contact Center outsourcing only those that are more specific and urgent.

Direct Sales/Teleselling >

Integrate your sales by relying on consultants trained and highly skilled in your sector. We present your offers to increase conversion chances and help you achieve your economic goals.

Contact Center Advantages: Supporting Your Business.

The outsourced Contact Center is not necessarily an activity to include in your advertising strategy, but it can be an excellent tool to improve your business. There are many benefits of outsourcing contact center, for example it can increase your revenue or help you manage a list of contacts.

Having the support of Contact Center outsourcing with prepared and highly trained personnel can make a difference in your budgets without having to allocate internal resources.

We are perfectly autonomous and capable of managing a large flow of users, thanks to the know-how developed over the years in both sales and marketing. Moreover, artificial intelligence enhances the entire sales structure, facilitating and assisting operators in their work.

Composition of OurContact Center.

Opened at the beginning of 2019, our Contact Center already consisted of more than 40 operators in its first year of operation. Today, we are constantly growing and have over 90 telephone operators in our offices. The strength of our Contact Center lies in the continuous and constant training of operators, as well as in the ability to manage and care for the customer.

Every operator is a qualified professional who knows how to approach every type of customer and achieve any goal. This is why we offer a complete, flexible, and integrated range of services: because of the wide availability and professionalism of our operators, we can support both inbound and outbound calls, ranging from customer service to direct phone sales. Choosing our sales solutions means delegating to us the outsourcing Contact Center services, a process that would otherwise be very costly for your company, both in terms of human resources and budget.

Our Experience.

The internal Contact Center was initially developed as part of an internal project, where we could enhance our know-how and learn the tricks of the trade. Only later we decide to integrate the Contact Center process into our BPO services. The main goal was to improve the conversion from lead to customer in the shortest time possible, increasing the quality of calls and avoiding the waiting times required by third-party companies providing call center and teleselling services.

The result was a success as predicted: the closer the recall time approached zero, the more willing the person contacted was to close the deal. This allowed us to further structure the Contact Center, expanding our goals.

Role in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

The presence of operators is crucial in the acquisition and sales funnel known as Business Process Outsourcing. Contact center services in outsourcing no longer have a dedicated role only in sales or customer management with their issues but become an active part of the outsourcing process that many companies are choosing for its undeniable advantages.

One of the benefits of outsourcing Contact Center, when entrusted to an experienced agency, is the ability to work and manage the entire process of lead acquisition, qualification, management, and conversion, reaching the achievement of any type of goal. Whatever the objective, be it sales, marketing, or customer care, the support of a telephone operator is crucial for its achievement.