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Co-registration and Co-sponsorship.

An effective system compliant with GDPR regulations to collect interest from a large audience of users and in collaboration with other brands.
Co-registration and Co-sponsorship are two channels widely used in digital marketing strategies, particularly because they allow you to access a large volume of data without a decline in quality.
They are alternative marketing strategies that require the user to register for a site, newsletter, prize competition, survey with a prize or landing page to receive an e-book. The mechanism is very simple: by asking the user a series of questions, you can profile their interests and collect contacts, executing a lead generation campaign.
This is the perfect channel for creating profiled databases and collecting contacts for specific target audiences per business type. Whenever this channel is integrated into a multichannel strategy, you can see big improvements in performance due to the ability to reach much broader pools of users online.

Strategies and tools.

In collaboration with the affiliate network, you can suggest various marketing strategies to intercept the relevant target audience and reach a wide pool of users.

  • Creating e-books (branded or otherwise) on different topics, which are free to download if users register and accept the privacy policy.
  • Prize competitions (branded or otherwise, with prizes like iPhones, trips, shopping vouchers, etc.). Users register, accept the privacy policy and answer profiling questions.
  • Opinion polls and quizzes on different topics, where users can register, accept the privacy policy and answer profiling questions.
Users appreciate the chance to take part in competitions or obtain discounts and prizes by participating in opinion polls. With both Co-registration and Co-sponsoring marketing, you can therefore ask users questions, getting them to register on specific portals and landing pages with dedicated funnels and immediately express their interest.

Targeting and needs.

We respond to your profiling needs by identifying the best Co-registration and Co-sponsorship campaign for your business and your marketing goals. These goals can vary: from telesales, email marketing and database building to basic market analysis.
This type of channel allows for very precise segmentation, from personal details to addresses and buying preferences. All names are obtained in real time and can be profiled according to your needs, always in compliance with the European GDPR privacy regulation.

Quality and quantity.

The quality of leads is ensured by the fact that you can select an ad-hoc question in order to profile the user.
The user’s attention is on the competition rather than on the survey or the promise of a freebie, so it is important to maintain the quality in anticipation of a potential call from the call centre in the future, the scheduling of an appointment or a newsletter.
With this simple technique, you can also ensure quality with large user flows like those collected through this channel, so that you can then work on lead qualification and contact users who have expressed an interest in order to complete the conversion process.